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Seamus Creagh, Aidan Coffey
accompanied by Sean O Loingsigh

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Musical Biography

Aidan Coffey played as a group member in:
(a) De Dannan from 1988 – 1995;
(b) in a trio with Frankie Gavin and Arty McGlynn occasionally from 1991 – 1994;
(c) in a duo with Seamus Creagh from 1992 – 2008;
(d) occasionally did substitute as accordionist with the groups:
    “Any Olde Time” (with Matt Cranitch & Mick Daly),
    “Raw Bar Collective” (with Conal O’Grada, Dave Sheridan, Neil Ni Chroinin & Colm Murphy),
    “Jimmy Crowley & Stoker’s Lodge”

Discography, Audio CDs featuring Aidan Coffey:

1.The Corner House Set: Aidan Coffey, Frankie Gavin, Alec Finn and Colm Murphy: (TUGCD1094 2016);

2.The Rough Guide to Irish Music, Vol 2: (CD 2005);

3. Island to Island: Music from Ireland and Newfoundland" (Ossian Publications, OSSCD131, 2003);

4. The Rough Guide to Irish Music-Dublin to Donegal (Ossian USA Code: 00978-CD, 2003);

5. How The West Was Won (De Dannan compilation 2001);

6. Irish Traditional Music: Seamus Creagh and Aidan Coffey (Ossian, OSS CD112, 1999);

7. The Irish Drum: Colm Murphy (GAEL-LINN CEFCD 175, 1996);

8. IRELAND:Treasures Of Irish Music: Altan-DeDanann-Gavin-O’Flynn etc (BEST-NR 55.833, 1995);

9. Irlande: Frankie Gavin, Arty McGlynn, Aidan Coffey (Ocora CD 560021, 1994);

10. De Danann: Half Set in Harlem (Bees Knees BK002, 1991);

11. De Danann: Jacket of Batteries (Green Linnet 3053 and Harmac HM48, 1988).

For general information on past activities, see pages on Aidan Coffey in The Rough Guide to Irish Music, The Penguin Group; ISBN 1858286425 or in World Music, the Rough Guide: Africa, Europe and Middle East, by Mark Ellingham, Orla Dunne and Vanessa Dowell. (2000) - ISBN 1858286352 and 9781858286358. Aidan Coffey performed on national TV stations in Ireland, UK, Continental Europe, USA and Australia.    
The Irlande CD (Harmonia Mundi/Ocora) is hard to get hold of: but an odd one shows up on Amazon. The recording was done live in at the Radio France Theatre in Paris in January 1991 and released in 1994. I played a 1960 Hohner Pokerwork accordion that had been tuned to D/D♯.




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